Our Impact


Students trained to become accredited

Founded in 2016, The Right to Immigration Institute has already defined itself as a one-of-a-kind organization. Since starting TRII's Immigration Training Program, they have trained over 20 students to be able to apply for accreditation with the Department of Justice. In addition, TRII has accredited 4 students, Jonathan Goldman, Victoria St. Jean, Isaac Yglesias, and Sara Hogenboom.

Prior to TRII's founding, there were very few immigration service providers outside of Boston. While you can find immigration attorneys throughout the Greater Boston area, the number of immigration non-profits is far fewer. 



Attorneys (2) and DOJ Accredited Reps (4)

These feats, however, only tell part of the picture. TRII has also seen dozens of clients since opening their doors. Clients have come with questions about how to become a citizen, how to gain a work permit, how to reunify with their family, and more. With the talents of TRII's two attorneys, Doug Smith and Marilyn Lee-Tom, TRII has been able to help people from Waltham and the Greater boston area.


In addition to training students and serving non-citizens, TRII has also led multiple workshops, info sessions, and talks which have been designed to educate the community and engage people to get involved with the immigration process. This has included a presentation at the 2018 Massachusetts Teacher's Association English Language Learners Summit as well as a workshop on engaging youth with the Waltham Public Library.