Victoria st. jean, Executive Director

Victoria St. Jean is a DOJ accredited representative and a Brandeis University third-year from Hudson, New Hampshire majoring in Politics and Business. In addition to her role as Executive Director of TRII, She works at the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, and she previously worked for the ACLU of New Hampshire.


Douglas smith, program director

Professor Douglass Smith is a Joshua A. Guberman Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in Legal Studies at Brandeis University. He has experience in legal clinic work and immigration law. Professor Smith has spent nearly 30 years in the legal field.


lauren Gearty, Senior attorney

Lauren Gearty is an immigration attorney and PhD candidate studying legal history at Brandeis University. Lauren is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross and Suffolk University Law School, where she served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Suffolk University Law Review. Lauren has published several articles on immigration matters and is also involved in immigration advocacy work in the Boston area.


Jonathan goldman, relations director

Jonathan Goldman is a DOJ accredited representative and a Brandeis University third-year from Northampton, Massachusetts. He was born in Levring, Denmark before moving to Freeland, Maryland. His mother is Danish and his father is American. Jonathan is double-majoring in Politics and and triple-minoring in Economics, Legal Studies, and Social Justice Social Policy. He has worked in the legal field doing public defense work and education and municipal law. In addition, he has experience writing business proposals, grants, budgets, and he has previously worked in the not-for-profit sector.