Why Donate to TRII?

We are a movement working to change how we approach immigration. Since we began taking cases in February 2018, we’ve helped over 100 people and trained dozens of students.

Together we’ve given people the joy of citizenship, we’ve given people the tools they need to understand the complex immigration system, and we’ve empowered students.

We work to make sure no one must face the immigration process alone. Join us.

How Does Your Donation Help?

No matter how much you give, your donation:

  • Makes it possible for us to train more students

  • Helps cover the often expensive filing fees for our clients

  • Invests in ensuring we can spread to other campuses and build our movement

Already, through your support and the support of others like you, you’ve:

  • Helped over 100 people seeking immigration help

  • Trained dozens of students

  • Given several people the gift of citizenship

Want to have an ever bigger impact?

As a small non-profit, we’re always looking for new supporters who are interested in giving us the extra boost needed to bring our movement across the country. If you’re interested in making a large donation to TRII and helping us spread the word about the important work we’re doing, contact us at info@therighttoimmigration.org.