Fake News Impacts Immigrants

By Haley Lyons, Social Media Fellow

Immigrants face infinite struggles day to day, especially in America’s current political climate. They need all the support they can get, specifically from those in power. Unfortunately, the President continues to spread harmful misinformation about immigration, hindering the process for many as suspicions rise.

While some immigrants rely on family-based immigration to get to the United States, Trump has blown the number out of proportion. The New York Times has reported that “a single immigrant has, on average, sponsored 2.1 to 3.45 foreign relatives”. There are certain limitations on who, specifically, can be sponsored by each immigrant. “American green card holders can sponsor only their spouses and unmarried children for permanent residence. American citizens can [only] sponsor their parents, siblings and married adult children.” Backed up by the data, realistically, each immigrant would only be bringing 1 to 4 relatives into the country.

The President, however, recently stated that one immigrant could bring up to “32 people” into the United States through this policy. Not only is this statement completely untrue, it adds to the toxic rhetoric around immigration. When many in the United States are already anxious about the number of people coming into the country, this only worsens the situation.

Jonathan Goldman