America vs Its immigrants

By Haley Lyons, Social Media Fellow


With the odds already against them, immigrants to America face additional challenges when it comes to showing up in court. reports that  “families that had been in detention at some point, even if they had since been released, were more likely to show up to court than families who’d never been detained. They were also more likely to have legal representation, which CLINIC attributes to the fact that families in detention are often connected to pro bono attorneys and other resources that they can retain even after they get out.” Immigrants who are unfamiliar with legal practice in the United States may, understandably, struggle when called into court.

Due to social, medical, or other reasons, some families are unable to make it in to their court date on time. Because of this, they are frequently ruled against. If the playing field was leveled and more resources were available, dozens, or perhaps hundreds, more families and individuals would win their cases.

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Jonathan Goldman