Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to The Right to Immigration Institute blog! We are a nonprofit organization that works to give people fleeing persecution and seeking asylum legal help and access to representation in court.

Through our blog, we will keep you updated on our work as well as current events in the field of immigration law. We will share key updates on the work we do within our organization, such as when we start, design, and enact new projects and training programs, and will update you on the lives and work of our staff and volunteers.

We plan to keep you informed on our external relations with other organizations and the public through our blog. This means you can check our blog when we hold and take part in events, forge partnerships with other organizations, and get involved with the community in other ways. If there is anything you would like to share with us, please let us know! We would love to hear your thoughts and contributions to the blog.

Lastly, we will use our blog to tell our community about current events that affect our lives as global citizens on the move. We will look at and share key court rulings, legislation changes, demonstrations, strikes, protests, conflicts, migration statistics, economic trends, personal stories, and more with you.

We hope you enjoy our blog and that it helps you to stay informed on what we do and what is happening around the world. Thank you!